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23 mars 06

Knock, knock, knock, calling London.

My life is undergoing major upheaval at the moment : Britain, I’m coming !

I love France to bits and loathe the idea of leaving all my friends behind, but life in Paris has not been gentle with me these recent years—in particular the rather buttoned-up labour market and the dreadful housing situation. It’s not unlike a love affair: you may be deeply in love with half a dozen of your lover’s traits, but one or two things can destroy the relationship.

So now that I have to leave my flat (renovation work being done on the house) with little prospect of finding another even half-way decent place on short notice, I was already planning to go back to Germany.

But then an opportunity came up to stop over in London first: a bunch of people (read: a small start-up I’d been helping to get their site up) are paying my ticket and housing me for a short while starting from the second week of April, in exchange for more work and a bit of software training. And then the prospect of a short-term contract with a different London-based company came up, which, even though by no means a firm thing, raised my excitement about the trip substantially. To me it makes sense to make use of my stay and look for work in London—it’s time for me to move on with my life, and the UK (to be frank, Scotland more than London, but that’s but a small detail right now) has long been a place I wanted to spend some quality time at.

In the worst case, I guess I can always temp for a while. There certainly seems to be a demand for computer-literate, web-savvy people with fluent French and German (I’m throwing in decent writing skills and translation experience).

The scary part is that I’m doing this on a shoestring. So to end this with a call out to any and every reader in the UK, in particular the Greater London area, who could put me up for a few days while I’m flat- and job-hunting: I’d be eternally grateful for even a small corner of your couch! And if you just want to meet up, I’d love it, too, of course. Leave a comment or e-mail me—I’m sure to write back.

[Taught to the spell-checker: savvy.]


  1. mumbles :: 24 mars, 01:01 :: # ::

    if i had space i would offer you a place to crash.but i dont.

  2. NGK :: 27 mars, 13:22 :: # ::

    Evidemment que tu peux et dois compter sur moi ! En attendant lâcheuse, tu peux me faire de la pub de mon blog histoire d’aider à ce que la Manif de demain soit inoubliable !!! Bises de Nath. SVP phone-moi quand tu passes chez Akli, histoire qu’on finisse par se croiser ! Bises de Nath !!!

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