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24 février 06

A UK Trading Standards officer loses it.

Gervase Markham of the Mozilla Foundation relates a disconcerting exchange with the authorities who, it seems, just don’t get free software. From the Times :

“I can’t believe that your company would allow people to make money from something that you allow people to have free access to. Is this really the case?” [the Trading Standards officer] asked.
“If Mozilla permit the sale of copied versions of its software, it makes it virtually impossible for us, from a practical point of view, to enforce UK anti-piracy legislation, as it is difficult for us to give general advice to businesses over what is/is not permitted.”

The world standing on its head: those crazy geeks software authors better behave in a way that facilitates enforcing anti-piracy legislation. This doesn’t bode well for MPs getting the point when they enact new copyright legislation as it’s currently the case in France.

Via BoingBoing.


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