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7 février 06

The problem with dieting.

There’s of course a lot wrong with dieting: my body image is down the dumps, and my nightmares frequently deal with family members (well, a particular family member, mostly) berating me for being clumsy and out of shape, or greeting me with “you’ve gained weight” after a month-long absence. But if you have never been slim in your life, are out of shape and have gained weight during months and months of reclusiveness, cutting out all pastry, cookies and most of the bread and living on cooked vegetables, sometimes mixed with rice, is a good idea.

But the practical problem is two-fold:

  1. When you really really want a snack, like at three a.m. when you can’t sleep, there’s nothing in the house.
  2. Severe chocolate withdrawal.

Number 1 shouldn’t have been a problem. I keep a stock of apples available for just these cases—they work well, in particular because I don’t actually like apples—but I had run out over the weekend.

The solution, discovered during yesterday’s grocery shopping : 50g Toblerone bars. First of all, because they work with childhood nostalgia. I don’t think I’ve had any Toblerone for years. Second, because given that they’re half-sized, I don’t run the risk of eating an entire 100g bar, once opened. Third, one of them has fewer calories than a pain au chocolate, fewer than three smallish biscuits. And finally, I haven’t even eaten the first one yet.

Okay, off to prepare cooked potatoes in their skins with cottage cheese.

[Taught to the spell-checker: reclusiveness.]


  1. chondre :: 8 février, 16:15 :: # ::

    Problem # 3: there is always something to eat in the kitchen.

    Problem # 4: Eating too much apples leads automatically to a food suicide with big fat cookies (Oreo+milk or Toblerone)

  2. Mike :: 15 octobre, 12:02 :: # ::

    Good luck world !!!

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